American Gods

Starz frankly has a runaway hit with it’s “American Gods” series based of the Neil Gaiman novel by the same name. Now I will confess prior to this episode while I knew the name Neil Gaiman, I had never read his works. If not for a friend who is a fan I doubt I would have bothered to watch the series, and the novel would remain unread.

I came in knowing nothing, having no expectations. I finished the season fully committed fanboy. The story enhanced with amazing casting hooked me, and once I fully gave myself to Shadow Moon’s journey there was no turning back.  The ensemble cast, with brilliant actors and actresses top to bottom made this show “must watch” on Sundays. If only to see where they were going to go next.

Further the way they gave backstory flashbacks of just how some of the “old gods” found their way to America made perfect sense. From one place to another the gods were brought and eventually forgotten. Regardless of why that is the truth, and watching the series we see how the “new gods” are waging war on the old and it bares itself out. Media is now our Church, technology the altar at which we pray.

Seeing Jesus shot down as he crossed the Rio Grande so fit the attitudes of modern times that it was difficult to remember the book is better than a decade old. Perhaps Neil Gaiman is an old god, who knows? So much of the story resonates you can’t really say “no” now can you? So, yes the seasin was great and now the torture begins as we await season 2.


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