Which Came First?

Oh come on now Sunshine, I am not talking the old “which came first the chicken or the egg”… or maybe I am. What I am questioning, and want you too as well, is did God create man or Man create god? Which was it? 

Now, while you are pondering that let’s talk a bit, shall we? Now me, I get that there are all sorts of religions, belief systems and ways of describing them. I get the fact that for the most part the gods, or their minions rather, have perpetrated mass murder in their names. Why we’ve recently had Muslims skyjack planes and fly them into buildings, they’ve kidnapped and beheaded all for their god, their Allah. 

But what about the Christians? Oh they explored the world centuries ago. Discovering lands and bringing their Messiah, their Jesus. Thing is though people were already there. People who’d never heard of this Jesus, and probably weren’t all that excited about this Jew from Bethlehem who was nailed to a cross and all that. But then the Christians began the old convert or die practices they now condemn in the more extreme Muslims.

Now long before Jesus walked on water, and longer still before his followers spread his new religion like some plague across the planet different peoples were comfortable in different beliefs, different gods, and different manners of worship. 

We know the tales of the Greek and Norse gods. We know of the gods of Egypt and Africa as a whole. Hell, even the Christians have varying beliefs. Don’t believe me? Invite that Southern Baptist to come with you to a Catholic Mass. Invite the Methodist to a Holiness service. Believe me they vary within their own denominations. But you are no fool, no simpleton, you know these things.

But what many don’t consider is who, or in many cases what, we worship today. Why look at the people around you, they probably have mobile in hand. Talking, texting, surfing the net, posting to apps, or what have you. Let there be a disruption in service and look at them. They are junkies needing a fix.

Ever lived through a hurricane? A major Winter storm? Anything that knocks out power, cable, internet? People go batshit crazy. As a species we lived without these things for centuries. Home computers, mobile phones and tablets are newborns but we pay the new technology more respect and worship it more than our gods of old.

So again I ask, did God create man or was it Man create god? Tell me what you think in comments.


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