Some time ago the Netflix series “Black Mirror” was introduced to me by a friend. I assure you that the episode “The National Anthem both disturbed and disgusted me. I had no intention of revisiting the series after that one viewing. Happily I can say I did return, rewatched the episode, again was “creeped out” by the episode but something happened as I re-watched the episode and followed it with others. I could see them happening or see how they really were happening in one fashion or another.

By the time I finished the opening episode of season 3 “Nosedive” series creator Charlie Brooker had me as a full enthralled and willing disciple. While this particular episode was much more comedic than others it was terrifying in how accurate it was. I admit it, I want this blog, simple as it may be read, liked, and shared. I want tons of followers on Twitter, and massive numbers of likes, follows and shares on Facebook. As much as part of me at times wants to pull away from social media, to leave it behind and go “off the grid” I am as much an addict now as I was initially.

Often called a “modern day Twilight Zone” the series is now reportedly venturing off the screen to book format. I confess I am intrigued. How will it play in that arena? Will the translation work or no? I am eager to find out. 

Any readers fans of the series? Leave me a comment with your favorite episodes, or least favorites, and tell me all about it.


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