Only Trust The Man In The Mirror

“Oh, I am going to ‘Movie X’ wanna go with me?”

“Man I was watching this YouTuber I really like and he said it sucked so I am gonna pass.”

“Oh geez, bad huh? Maybe I won’t go.”
“Hey, I was thinking about watching this show “X”, have you watched it yet?”

“Yeah, I watched like 5 minutes and thought it sucked so do yourself a favor don’t waste your time.”

“Damn, if it’s that bad I am glad you told me I can watch something else.”
Now to the point of my post. Last night I went with some friends to see the new Universal Pictures release “The Mummy”. Allow me to preface everything I am about to say with ths confession I grew up loving the Universal monsters of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf, the Mummy, et al and so I had been fan boying big time in anticipation of the movie. Enough so in fact I was afraid that there was no way the movie could meet my expectations.

Then just yesterday on one of my social media feeds was a picture that was supposed to be an empty theater showing the film. That didn’t bother me but I did start seeing titles of articles and it was safe to assume that there were obviously people out there who did not like the movie and garneres no enjoyment for the two hours they spent in the theater. The result of all this was that when my friends came by to pick me up to head to the theater I was more than a little nervous about would I actually enjoy the flick.

Another issue that I ran into, and on more than on occasion, was those people who had issue with star Tom Cruise and his Scientology beliefs. I basically told those people that I go to movies for escape and that who they voted for, or what their personally held religious beliefs don’t factor in because I am seeing the character they are playing, not the actor themselves on screen. I am sorry, but it seems stupid to not go see a particular movie because the star on the marquee voted against your candidate the last election. We deal with enough bullshit frankly in our day to day forking out good money for a movie should be an escape from that.

I guess I’ve made my point in that people had preconceived reasons to “not like” or “not see” the film, and there certainly were not a lot of people in the show last night. But, during the film certain things happened, and I really want to comment on them. Now in a bit of “cart before the horse” I liked The Mummy very much. Before you ask I will say that it was not the BEST MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN, and I will admit there were certain aspects that I would possibly have liked better a different way. But I stated earlier that I see movies as a form of escape and The Mummy provided that for the two hour showing.

I am not here to give spoilers, and am not going to try and shove down your throats that you not only HAVE to see the flick but you HAVE to enjoy it. But what I want to do here is get across that by not worrying about what someone else thought of the movie and what it was going to be I decided to be my own judge. You may go see it and hate it, that’s cool we’re different people. But dislike it for the film, and for yourself, not because “Joe” went and he didn’t like it or you don’t approve of everything an actor or actress in the spotlight believes. I mean how many films have you watched where a secondary actor or an extra believed exactly the same thing, but because they don’t tend to get microphones shoved in their face you don’t know it, so you were simply able to go see and enjoy a movie?


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