Confession Time

Surprise, I’m gay. Okay, yeah the little birdie has already flown the coop on that one. But it relates so come on it was a little funny, pun intended. 

Anyways, most of my friends have at one time or another expressed an attraction for a celebrity or two. Although as I have gotten older I have wondered how many were attracted to the actor/actress and how many’s blood was pumping for a role the person was portraying?

I can admit my latest “celebrity crush” is Miguel Angel Silvestre. Face it, this Spanish actor is smoking hot and yes, it certainly helps that for whatever reason I am attracted to Latino men. But I also know that his Sense8 character Lito Rodriguez is everything I am searching for in a man so I have to take that into consideration. 

Miguel or Lito? Which truly gets my heart beating faster? Do I have a “celebrity crush” or a “character crush”? If I am to be honest my gut instinct says it is a bit of both with character carrying the load at 65% to 35% over celebrity and I am cool seeing and accepting that.

No doubt you’re reading this and saying to yourself that you’ve read no real confession save for my faux coming out. Well you see, yes I have openly admitted that I was gay but I don’t think I have ever confessed to anyone what I am looking for. 

My problem is I am not a bar guy and frankly the whole “Show me your cock” attitude of apps like Grindr have me wondering how exactly I am supposed to meet a guy, muchless making it a Latino on top of everything else. No, I am not so locked in on that “Latino” label that I am just going to give every other guy the brush off, there’s a whole world out there.

My confession? I am ready for someone in my life. Someone who loves me and someone I love. Someone who is my sun and moon, while I am that for them. It’s scary. It has been a long time and I almost don’t know where to start.


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