Social Media Junkie In Recovery

So it all started with the old MySpace and when they changed I along with more than a few folks I know moved to Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram… the list goes on and on throughout infinity. 

Now most of these folks kept things in perspective, not me however. It consumed my life, and not in a healthy way. Where John might collect antique cars and Betty is partial to depression glass I collected “friends”. 

I see the look on your face as you wonder just why this is a bad thing, we all want to grow our brand. Well most of these friends were as a result of games on Facebook which rewarded you for more friends playing the games by making you stronger in the game. Soon I was adding hundreds of people whose posts I paid no attention to and who paid no attention to mine because we were on each others page simply because of a game.

Then there were the people added in large spurts as I took this interest or that, only to have it fade and often die out. Face it folks we are none of us the person we were 5-10 years ago.

So, what I have been doing a little each day is trimming the fat. True friends, folks I know, people I actually communicate with are safe and remaining, many others are not. My goal is to go from some 2,500 “friends” down to below 500 on Facebook by months end. I have no shame in saying I am already below 1,800 so I am well on my way.

I am sure you are all wondering what is next, after the great purge. Well I am working on that. Formulating ideas even as I type this as to where my social media goes from there. What my particular “brand” is going to be and how I will best use social media to present it. I am excited and you should be too.


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