To all my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, and our straight allies, I wish you all a Happy Pride.

But it is so very important that we are all active against those who would reverse the tide and happily return us to the days where gays and lesbians could not marry, to the days where the only safe action was to remain closeted to protect our physical bodies and avoid “punishments” such as loss of employment simply for daring to love.

Pride started on a sad note for me I will confess when the streaming service Netflix decided to cancel the series Sense8. If you read an earlier entry you are aware how important I thought tbe program was, and its termination on the day Pride month begins I take as an assault on the LGBT community by Netflix. You may think I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but that’s how I feel.


One thought on “Pride…

  1. gregoryjosephs

    Oh no! I hadn’t heard this yet! I really loved the first season of Sense8 and haven’t gotten to watch the second yet. I can’t believe they’re killing it.

    But on a more positive note, happy Pride to you too. I’m going to try to celebrate in some small way every day this month. We’ve come so far as a community, but with politics as they are today, we need Pride more than ever.

    So happy Pride to you. 😊


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