A god by any other name

Yes, yes I “confess” I have never read a book by Neil Gaiman. But a friend of mine is an avid, possibly even rabid, fan and I knew she was very excited about the new Starz series so I decided to give it a watch. Now as I have stated I had never read the book I came to the series blind and had no idea at all what to expect. Now a hand full of episodes later I am hopelessly addicted.

But this post is not so much about the series, the book, Gaiman or entertainment it is more my unburdening in regards to religion having watched roughly five hours of television versus a lifetime of religious indoctrination.

Every since Pat Robertson and his “Christian Coalition” entered the political arena every election cycle we have this fanatical, fire brand, and frankly evil version of religion paraded out for the world to see and it has always scared me more than any “radicalized Islamic terrorist”. Robertson and his ilk are no less vile and evil than the group we call ISIS.

These so called “Christians” twist and pervert the teachings of their so called “Messiah” making a mockery of their claimed beliefs. It would be worth a good laugh if they were not serious and if they were not such a strong voting block able to turn national elections.

I am a male, so even being gay, biologically I can never get pregnant. Now I can be raped, that is true. I can even contract a sexually transmitted disease, HIV included, from being raped. I can suffer the mental anguish and suffering from such an attack, enough so it makes me want to “eat a bullet”. But no rape can put a “baby in my belly”. 

Folks I am going to cut off one line of disagreement with my post right here. No, that baby is in no way responsible for the “imaginary” rape I am representing suffering in this post, and no the baby is in no way responsible for the countless rapes annually that women around the world suffer and become pregnant as a result of.

As a man who cannot get pregnant I am utterly unable to say what I would do if it were me. Let’ cut through the bullshit here, no man can. Women can get pregnant yes, but until they go through being raped and find themselves pregnant as a result they have no real understanding what these heroes, these brave women whose strength and courage is shown by rising out of bed every day and going on living, go through having to go through the mental anguish of having to decide to terminate a pregnancy through abortion. 

But these women who did not ask to be raped are the ones painted the villain by the so called “Religious Right”. 

Hey, let’s bring it closer to home. Ask the religious zealots about LGBT rights, about “gay marriage” and listen to how “Christian” they are. I am old enough to remember the early days of AIDS, when the running joke was that it stood for “Another Infected Dick Sucker”. We still have people out there wrapping themselves in their religion, and not simply at Westboro Baptist, celebrating deaths in the gay community from AIDS. They call it God’s wrath for the homosexual abomination. 

I am just going to “come out” and say it, I don’t know what “god” these monsters worship, or what “heaven” they aspire to but I want none of it.

These people can quote chapter and verse, and pound their John 3:15 into the world’s collective forehead, but a group of North Carolina ministers are using funds from somewhere to have a billboard in support of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. These “religious leaders” are happily turning their back when their Christ told them to “turn the other cheek”.

You know what, let’s cut to the chase. Your Christianity is as cancerous as you proclaim Islam to be and I want no part of it. I am not perfect, I am flawed, but I do try not to be evil and organized Christianity is the deadliest and most repugnant evil this world has ever encountered.


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