Ever dream?

Now I am not talking the “you’re sound asleep in a comfy bed and having dreams”. I am talking wanting something, something special and out of the norm, that kind of dream. Do you? Well I do. Do you have a few minutes that I can tell you about it? You do? Great! Thanks!

A few years ago I got into roleplay online, and after a period of time I created a character named Kr0w. Now Kr0w was a dark, malevolent, cruel bastard. But I suppose that makes sense as he was a demon. But the irony of Kr0w was that his past was the future. You see he “was” a South African police officer, murdered by his fiance in the Kalahari Desert. 

I tell you this because as I grew to “know” Kr0w I grew to “know” more about South Africa and it captured my heart. Other people talked about the Grand Canyon, London, Paris or the like as their dream vacations. For me it would be Cape Town, Kruger National Park or a Kalahari Safari.

Other people want to see a ballgame at Yankee Stadium or Cowboy Stadium or maybe see Lebron play. For me it is “the green and gold”, it is the Springboks. To see them play a test in South Africa would be like a kid in the 50s and 60s in the States getting to see Mantle launch a thundering homer live. It would be a once in a lifetime. 

So, what does all this have to do with a dream? My friend, it is right before your eyes, but I will clear it up. Next year my eldest is getting married so that takes priority spot numero uno. But the following year, come hell or high water I will board a plane, fly to South Africa, watch the Springboks play and close the trip out with a few days at Kruger.


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