Why “Open Scars”

People look at scars as a bad thing. As a reminder of some horrific, traumatic event in life. I beg to differ. I have scars, and yes their causes may have been traumatic but I see the scar as a reminder that I was strong enough, and that I survived. 
Why do we turn away from the veteran home from war, not wanting to acknowledge the scarring, the missing limbs and such? They are here. They were strong enough to survive, shouldn’t that be celebrated? I don’t see them as less of a man/woman but rather more of one. 
Friends, I do not promise you that every post I write here will make you comfortable, or leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But what I do promise you is that I will feel strongly and passionately about what I share with you. I pledge to you to not waste our collective times just posting that which even I care nothing about.

I do not ask, or expect, everyone to always agree with me. That is not a realistic expectation. I believe their is much to be learned both personally and as a collective through open sharing of beliefs and constructive debate. So do not feel you will simply be ignored by disagreeing with me. Your opinion is what makes you you and is a big part of the “scars you wear”. I simply ask debate be civil to where I do not have to halt things.

We are all of us flawed and scarred, but that’s what makes us us. Welcome to Open Scars Blog.


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